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Strength Shoe Videos DVD Standard and Sports Specific Video For Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Calf Development

Strength Shoes Standard Video DVD and Laminated Workout Manual

$39.97 Free Shipping 
  • This is the Strength Shoes video and laminated workout manual that comes with your purchase of Strength Shoes. You may also purchase this standard Strength Shoes video and workout manual here separately.

    This is the NEWEST version of the Strength Shoe program with the instructional video on ONE DVD and your workout manual on 1 Laminated card printed on both sides instead of the less convenient 3 cards in the old version.

    Includes Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and In-Season Programs!

Strength Shoe Basketball Workout Video DVD with Coach Bob Hurley

$39.97 Free Shipping 
  • By performing the basketball specific drills with the Strength Shoes you will improve your basketball skills while at the same time gain more hand and foot speed, foot quickness, jumping ability and endurance on the court.
  • This 45-minute Basketball skills specific video gives you advanced basketball drills performed in the Strength Shoe which is divided into 5 categories of Strength Shoes basketball drills: Ball Handling, Passing, Rebounding, Shooting, and Fast Break Drills, including the "Dantley drill, Mikan drill, Kevin McHale drill, and Superman drill" all perfomed in the Strength Shoe.
Strength Shoes Basketball 1, 2, and 3 man drills designed for the player, coach or team that wants to improve skills and physical attributes without lengthening practices.

Strength Shoe Football & Speed Workout Video DVD
With Coaches Steve Watterson & Boots Garland

$39.97 Free Shipping 
  • With this 55-minute video DVD you'll improve your: Speed, Acceleration, Power, Endurance, Jumping Ability and Football Skills! Let Coach "Boots" Garland, speed coach to N.F.L. players and teams, put you through a Strength Shoes speed workout that will improve your speed with proper running techniques. Proper running technique is essential for maximum speed and quickness.
  • Steve Watterson, Strength and Rehabilitation coach for the Tennessee Titans (formerly Oilers), will put you through the second half of the Strength Shoes football skills workout as well as position drills. This unique program shows both players and coaches how to use the Strength Shoes Leg Training System on the football field to improve football skills without lengthening practice.

Strength Shoe Volleyball Workout Video With Scott Luster and Barbara Fontana

$39.97 Free Shipping 
  • This 25-minute video DVD is a combination of indoor and outdoor Strength Shoes volleyball drills featuring Scott Luster, former head women's volleyball coach at Louisiana State University, and Barbra Fontana, WPVA Pro, ranked #2 in team doubles in the U.S. and #3 in the world, and a bronze medal winner at the 1994 Goodwill Games. All volleyball drills are performed in the Strength Shoes and are specifically designed to enhance the performance of the athlete's playing ability for both indoor and outdoor training.

Strength Shoe Calf-Building Workout Video With Luke Tesvich

$39.97 Free Shipping 
  • You get a 20-minute video DVD that provides you with a step-by-step visual guide through a workout routine performed in the weight room that's designed to give you a combination Strength Shoes and weight machine workout to blast your calves.
  • Luke's excellent calf development from the Strength Shoe has allowed him to win local, regional, and national championships as a professional bodybuilder. Strength Shoes helped Luke gain mass and strength with a balance of carefully designed exercises. A must for the serious bodybuilder or individual wanting to bring up lagging hard to grow calf muscle development. Must have access to weight room to use this video.