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Power Speed Chutes Running Parachutes to Increase Speed,
Quickness,  Stride Length and Frequency!

NOW ON SALE!   Power Speed Chutes training is great by itself or run with Strength Shoes simultaneously to further increase training intensity without increasing impact.

The products we bundle are Strength Shoes, Vest/Shorts/Weights, Running Parachutes and Videos. Here are just a few sample bundles:
1. Add any size Running Parachute to Shoes or Vest order for only $20 by phone
2. Bundle Shoes plus Vest or Shorts $10 Off
3. Bundle Weighted Vest + Weighted Shorts = Strength Weighted Suit $10 Off
You want blazing breakaway speed, quickness and acceleration (for whichever sport you play!) but you need help to get from here to there! Get that help with of the patented Power Speed Chute™  running parachutes and copyrighted "Reverse Aerodynamics Training Program" workout program.  You'll get  the same sometimes secret but simple workout system that pro football, basketball, baseball players, world class sprinters and major university programs use to optimize athletic power, stride length and frequency, the three magical elements you need to get faster for your sport!

You too can get the benefits the pros and major college programs use to blast past plateaus and improvement barriers using the copyrighted "Reverse Aerodynamics Training Program" which scientifically combines resistance training and overspeed training with the patented quick release technology of the Power Speed Chute™ all in only about 20 minutes per workout. It's easy, simple and fun!   You'll impress your teammates, coaches and fans when you display your gains play after play, day after day. Getting there is fun too because you'll experience the exhilarating shot out of a cannon feeling of increased running speed, stride length and frequency, which you instantaneously feel working it's magic as you workout with "the system" which translates to improved performance on every play on the field, court or track, which is what you really want, right? 

Warning:  You may pay a little more from us because you get our top tier quality Power Speed Chutes which cost more to produce even in large quantities. But please be aware of cheap imitations sold elsewhere that look the same and may even cost the same but are of inferior quality.    Better to be safe than sorry and get the original and best!

Or add any size Running Parachute to Shoes or Vest order for only $20 by phone!
  • 4 Sizes of Resistance  (40' 48' 56' 72) for all sports, size of athletes and skill levels.
  • Adjustable- waist sizes 20-42 inches.
  • Includes copyrighted "Reverse Aerodynamics Training Program" workout program quick 20 minute workout (after warmup)  Fast, simple and effective!
  • Quick Release Strap provides easy release into overspeed
  • Top Quality Materials: Light but strong. Mesh panels eliminate the tangling of strings found on other chute models. The panels also provide stability to reduce shifting.
  • Increase Training Excitement and motivation because you can feel yourself improving and running faster.
  • Versatility- Can be used with sports skills building drills (football etc.) or drills  involving change of direction and speed. 
  • Easily folds down to fit in small included 10'x 6'x 3'carry case that fits in any backpack.

Sizing: Smaller Power Speed Chutes provide less resistance but allow more running speed and are also good for smaller lighter athletes. Larger more powerful athletes benefit from larger  Power Speed Chutes for added resistance.   We have recommending discontinued running parachutes larger than 72' x 72" because they tend to drag on the ground or not inflate correctly and actually produce less resistance.

Power Chute Speed Chutes Running Parachutes

40'x40' approx.
15 lbs. resistance


48'x48' approx.
20 lbs. resistance

56'x56' approx.
30 lbs. resistance
72'x72' approx. 
40 lbs. resistance

Or add any size Running Parachute to Shoes or Vest order for only $20 by phone!

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