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"Power Speed Chute Training is great by itself or combine to run with Strength Shoes simultaneously to further increase training intensity without increasing impact!"

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  • SIZING: 4 Sizes of Resistance are available ranging 40" Small, 48" Medium, 56" Large and 72" Extra Large to accomodate all size, strength and skill level of athlete. Small and medium sizes provide less resistance but allow more running speed and are often preferred for smaller or lighter athletes. Larger more powerful athletes can benefit from Large and Extra Large sizes for added resistance.  Bigger than 72" is not necesarily better because they tend to drag on the ground, not inflate correctly and actually produce less resistance!
  • Adjustable waist sizes 20-42 inches.
  • Quick Release Strap provides easy release into Overspeed!
  • Features The System Manual's proven 3 element workout system that scientifically combines resistance training and overspeed training with the patented quick release technology of the Power Speed Chute™ to optimize athletic power, stride length and frequency, which are the three primary elements you need to get faster and jump higher for your sport!
    It's Fast, Simple, Effective and Fun! 
    In only about 20 minutes per workout, you'll experience the exhilarating shot out of a cannon feeling of increased running speed, stride length and frequency, which you instantaneously feel working it's magic as you workout with "the system" which translates to improved performance on every play on the field, court or track, which is what you really want, right?
  • Top Quality Materials: Light but strong. Mesh panels eliminate the tangling of strings found on other chute models. The panels also provide stability to reduce shifting.
  • Increase Training Excitement and Motivation because you can feel yourself improving and running faster.
  • Versatile- Additionally can be also be used with sports skills building drills (football etc.) or drills involving change of direction and speed. 
  • Portable- Easily folds down to fit in small included 12"x 7"x 4"carry case that fits in any backpack.
  • Synergistic Training with Strength Shoes! When you simultaneously combine the Parachute with Strength Shoes for just a few sets you get a 4th synergistic training methodology of "Shoe/Chute Synergy" that some athletes swear by for both jumping and speed!
Add any size Running Parachute to Shoes, Vest, Shorts or Video order for only $15 by phone (714)969-8600 oe order online below!

Power Chute Speed Chutes Running Parachutes

40'x40' approx.
15 lbs. resistance


48'x48' approx.
20 lbs. resistance

56'x56' approx.
30 lbs. resistance
72'x72' approx. 
40 lbs. resistance

Add Any Size Power Speed Chute to Your Order for $15 with Free Shipping By Phone (714)969-8600 $74.95

40", 48", 56", or 72"  
Need Help Ordering?   Please Call (714)969-8600  You may also add any size Running Parachute to Shoes, Video, Vest or Shorts order for only $15

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